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Thank you all so much!

Sun Sep 20, 2015, 3:00 AM

So many, so so many birthday wishes, it's crazy. Thank you all so much for the wishes and gifts. You all are so nice and awesome and I can't thank you guys enough for it.

Someone asked me if I feel old. Yeah, kinda.XD I just realized I'm 24 now. It feels like it was yesterday when I was 18, and now in six years I'll be 30. It's so hard to belive so many years has passed since then.

Before I'll go on ramble, I just say I hope I can spend many more years here, drawing ponies for you guys and myself.

Thank you guys again! Love ya all :heart:

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Random songs
  • Reading: some yuri manga
  • Watching: YouTube vids
  • Playing: Saints Row 4
  • Drinking: water


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MlpHyperChaser Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice art :)
Cyb3rSamurai Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015
Your art style is becoming stagnant and falling onto itself. Your problems are becoming more exaggerated, your messes are becoming more obvious to the point of laziness, and the flaws are becoming more pronounced. You're getting fat. Better git gud before people watch you fall apart
Guywhodoesdraws Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Okay... this. This right here is an example of correctly done criticism. Your coming across as mean, but you are making the attempt to help her improve. Personally, I think she's very good already, but as with any artist, one should strive to better oneself

Truly, applause to you good sir or madam. But could you expand on what you view as sub par here?
Cyb3rSamurai Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
There are plenty of flaws here, but I'll skip picking her apart and go for the big one. She is compensating for what she can't do with her style, which doesn't cut it. Those eyes have been copied and pasted on everything with a pulse rather than actually taking the time to learn how to do more. This is how I know she isn't trained and it's not a matter of style for her. She's drawing to the best of her abilities every time and those simply don't cut it. She's not in control. This has led her to drawing the same thing the same way for, god, the past two years at least. If you kick a dummy wrong for three years you don't get better at kicking, you get better at kicking a dummy wrong. It's not healthy for her development and it just goes to show how unnurturing the Deviantart community is. Two years ago she's drawing at the same level as she is now, and she is actively trying to get better now. It's scary, huh.

This contentedness might also spawn from a lack of role models. We are in a very bad age of artists. The teachings of the (renaissance) masters have been lost since the 70's and now people have been crawling to self teach since then or god forbid you learn from a teacher in school (note, not all teachers are bad, but if money's on the line, you're less a student and more a customer). So the only real guidance can come from peers, hit the books, and to go back to the basics.

She has a natural grasp on some concepts and fundamentals, but she isn't good at any of them. She's struggling and it shows. What she needs to do is go back to basics. Discard style and relearn the roots of drawing through tracing life. DESTROY THAT SYMBOL DRAWING. She has a disgusting case of thinking what a human is and drawing that rather than just drawing a human. It gives a better grasp of how to handle weight, anatomy, and color. Everyday go outside (or stay inside), and draw something in front of you. Draw someone in a photograph (ie. use references). Just draw from what's around you, because if you can't even 1:1 the world around you, how can you 1:1 something that isn't even tangible. 

To help you imagine what I'm talking about think of Bill Watterson who drew the famous and illustrious Calvin and Hobbes.…
For almost everyday, Bill watterson drew like a cartoonist. He threw something on the page that was easy, simplistic, and charming, but he chose that style, because he can just as well draw in a very serious fashion as well. There are plenty more examples where Bill shows off his chops, but those are the examples I have for now.

After you have mastered the basics of drawing from life are you truly ready for stylization in it's truest form. This is when people jump around, do different things of whatever they want and can do it flawlessly because they have completed a mental library of references they can draw from and change. This is not to say you can't doodle and have fun whenever, but you have to keep objective and keep trying. It's a one to two year process of working maybe 1-4 hours everyday, but the results will be clear.

Now it's not just tracing that you need, but also some guidance. There are books (Loomis is a good start), youtubers, and many more active communities online (not deviantart for sure). There are exercises and many guides and tutorials on how to approach specific things.

Lastly people to compare to. Role models. People to inspire you to reach their level of good. There are many great artists who draw like the masters. Personally I have the masters, the Sistine Chapel and the likes, as well as aforementioned Bill Watterson, as well as couple less elites like Kuvshinov-Ilya, jurikoiNeoArtCorEAbiogenisisJxbP, people who I realistically feel more drawn to.

I am going through this process of "git gud" right now, but it takes time and I only really started last year and I'm inconsistent with my practice time, though I'm fixing that. The difference is a astonishing.

Usually I prefer to be blunt and pick things apart. I love, absolutely love being curt. Just riling up Devian Tarts was really fun, but I'm going to start recalling that in. I don't know. I just want to see more artists progress. For me, I motivated by a negative stigma of, "lol it's shit" which helps motivate me and keeps me modest, but who knows, different strokes for different folks. 

Do you think this helps?
Guywhodoesdraws Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Indeed my good sir/madam! If only all folks would be so courteous as tell the truth, especially here on deviantart. Now, as to your approach... nothing wrong with being curt or forward, and even rude in needed, so long as its for a good cause. But merely being a troll for being a troll does no good.

Teach the world, but love the world too. that's the key

And Inuhoshi... he is trying to help you here. Whether one agrees with him or not on the matter, he is trying to do good.
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